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Birthdate:Sep 20
Some random facts about me:

- I will remember the oddest things about you, will be able to re-tell you bits of a conversation we had years ago, but more often than not fail to realize you are currently talking to me due to my head being somewhere in the clouds.
- I also will remember the names of actors and actresses of a third rate TV show but fail to recognize a leading political figure.
- I hate chick flicks.
- I need a place I can retreat to – more often imaginary than real. Thus, I enjoy writing, watching movies, and playing video games more than I probably should.
- I am addicted to tea and coffee related drinks. I hate coffee in its pure form though.
- I love the English language in all its colourful varieties. Give me an Irishman talking about potatoes, and I will drool and make incoherent noises of glee. A Scotsman complaining about the weather? Hot. A Texan swearing? Even hotter. I am a sucker for dialects.
- Writing is the only thing I believe to be fairly good at. I enjoy it, it comes easy to me, and I love to toy around with words.
- I am a shy person. I tend to overcompensate by talking too much.
- I also am a fairly loud person. The neighbours of all my friends must hate me, because even if they don’t know what I look like, they sure as hell know what I sound like.
- I am quite good at impersonating and/or quoting movies – must have something to do with my obsession for voices. No matter what a man looks like, a good, deep, raspy voice will have me shiver with content.

I do enough talking in my journal - here are some pictures for you!







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adele, alan rickman, alex o'loughlin, anime, avengers, bette midler, black books, bones/kirk, buffy, captain america, chad michael murray, chris pine, christian kane, christopher lee, clamp, clex, coffee, diane keaton, disney, dvds, dylan moran, emma thompson, fanfic, films, final fantasy, firefly, franklin & bash, fringe, gabriel byrne, game of thrones, gary oldman, georgette heyer, gilmore girls, glee, goldie hawn, hawaii50, heroes, hexenzirkel, himym, hitchhiker's guide through galaxy, hugh laurie, ian mckellen, icons, iron man, j2, james & oliver phelps, james marsden, james marsters, james spader, james woods, japan, jared padalecki, jared/jensen, jason isaacs, jeff goldblum, jeffrey dean morgan, jensen ackles, jensen/jared, jet li, jim beaver, john mclachlan, johnny depp, josh groban, judd nelson, karl urban, kevin bacon, kirk acevedo, knitting, kripke, kurt russel, l'arc~en~ciel, leverage, lord of the rings, mangas, marc broussard, mark salling, mary kay, matt dallas, meat loaf, merlin, michael rosenbaum, misha collins, movies, music, neil patrick harris, orchids, puschel, quantum leap, ray liotta, robert downey jr., russel watson, score, scott bakula, scott caan, sherlock holmes, simon pegg, slash, star trek, star wars, stephen lynch, steve/danny, supernatural, tarot, taylor hoechlin, tea, teen wolf, terry pratchett, the disk world series, thor, tim burton, tom wisdom, tommy lee jones, tony leung chiu wai, val kilmer, vienna teng, whedon, willem dafoe, wow, writing, zachary quinto
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